i’ll never thirst

such sustenance there is in your voice,
i didn’t eat for days; the vibration,
the timbre which memory stores made me
thirst less, search less for an oasis
in this desert town where love is a
mirage, appearing tirelessly, rarely
drank or tasted by any wanderer… until
i heard your voice…. (so certain am
i about the morsel of subtleties in which
you greet)— i’ll never thirst again

illuminate me

eradicate you, my blemish,
my heart’s most prized wound;
how you raise my pressure
and explore my treasure
beyond all neglect

i rejoice in you— your presence,
i seek you like the sun
in the dark whose rays
are never far from me, you
are never far from me, how

often in the duration of days,
caustic winds and heavy rains,
persistent as the stream
of light between my eyes, you
irradiate me, you illuminate me

let me in

poetical sounds

there is a deeper chasm
to fall into— i cannot
catch you nor reach you
dangle from the banister
with arms barely untangled;
why do you embrace such
death when my arms can
easily wrap and fold you
within? end this? why? i am
knocking at your door…
let me in

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my vulnerability

what i cannot bear
is the sun
you seek
in my eyes.

maps that
lead you here
may deceive,
for you perceive
i am truth
when I lie through
my teeth, even in
these words,
beguiles me.

it isn’t warmth
that draws you
in, rather, unabashedly,
my vulnerability


i’m afraid of the poem in you—
not as nightmares do, but simply
because i wake from you with beads
of sweat in a gush down my forehead,
warm and worried and unaware where
you are or where you’ve been and
i’ve never been so out of control;
disorder and change make me nervous,
but you alter me each time whether in
thought or in kisses, between dialogue
that weave in and out of a dream…
and is it a dream? this you and me? or is
it real? and i don’t know which i
prefer more because i’ve grown so
attached and loose breath altogether…
i don’t know how to promise forever

dust and ashes

you settle inside me like snow in winter,
to savor you, i scooped you with a spoon;

when summer came, i siphoned you with
a straw, to relish in each drop, you who

persists in my thoughts, who circle my
dreams and the cavities in between without

shame…. and i am ashamed of how vulnerable
i’ve become underneath this feeble cage,

the force of my bones attenuate with age
just as i seize this framed memory…

the agility and how carefree, then, we were,
so pious and close to confession that we

held our breaths in the excitement despite
all dust and ashes, we shall flourish

your voice in my head

i’ve nothing to hold onto
but your voice in my head
releasing me from the
silence darkness often
sweeps me under at night…

these dusty feelings
relegated to debris
outside my door where
your voice knocks with
the persistence of winds

the urgency and desperation
of hands against prison bars
and rib cages vehemently
shaking this heart already
surrendered from love, at once

revived from a heavy fist,
enough to strike a blow to make
a world swoon. only then,
and only then, at last,
will our universe collide


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