find one another

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somewhere a science illuminates and
shakes me from this endless night

a formula of none equates a million
lifetimes… the different ways we’ve

taken over, camouflaged before bare,
as though you are from Eden and i am

out west scowering gardens for innocence
once, i remember, how you looked so warm

against my eyes, like just fallen petals
across the ground, encountering for the

first time a shift in the breeze and how
to the world must we be indebted, we have

taken for granted too much time here along
with persistent complaints, how prideful…

though, i am wrong and you were right,
our time barely has length nor width and

only its circumference we must breach and
travel over and over to find one another

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my love soars

even if i don’t mean, you
buy into the ecstasy, the
marble gripping saint, an
arrow pierced through my

many years have
destinies befallen with
arguments, crestfallen like
a dove inside a cage…

cannot fly, though my love
soars infinitely as
trying to reach you;

if we
can meet…

then to suffer
this melancholy would be over


somewhere this universe lacks a
mind whose thoughts i cannot drown,
a pool like the ocean where, reluctantly,
i jump into and swim towards you, without
thought of breath or place; so simply i
must feel and rush towards you, seal my
lungs with memories of kisses to survive
the water pushing me away, forcing me to
give into the air above… i must persist
even without sleep inside this dream
because I see no reason to wake without
retrieving you from inside the deep

never let me go

envelope me, embrace me,
wrap me up in your love

don’t leave me cold, or
hot, just warm to the touch

hold me, restrain me,
abolutely, never let me go

no fairy tale

in the end, we pine…
untouched limbs, bare
arms we grazed with our
lips anxious and excited,
i cannot decide, though
something scares me
plunging deep into your
eyes, the minute stare
as though time itself
has stopped mid-air and
you’ve taken notice,
finally, my spirit
acknowledged and you
catch me just as i’m
about to detach, rise
from the ground… you
try revive me with a
kiss, but death, i
think, is no fairy tale

never fall

Originally posted on poetical sounds:

you make it impossible to dream
at first moonlight, when all pores
are open and the unattached soul
wildly trespasses… i imagine you
in front of me, distant light, my
lonesome guide… together, we
crossed forbidden boundaries,
terrains, mountains we never should
have reached, though we peaked at
each endeavor when we tried, as we
struggled with our hands to hold on
to the edge of love… but, at last,
time becomes intolerant and our own
misfortune seizes us; the inevitable
fire extinguishes and love releases
us— never lets us fall again

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Originally posted on poetical sounds:

shall unravel
burdensome braids,
knots will, at
under sudden rain
and thoughts will
drift into other
thoughts… like
typhoons… so
will you or
i stand against
this tumultuous
pushing for
our inevitable
confession— about
last night, shall
we again remain
silent about it?
or do you dare
stand knee-deep
in our flood

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