even in these minutes, i may
have loved you more than i would
lifetimes… watching you, leaning
into the light that pulls me towards
you… i don’t want to be free from
your gaze; and, if these glances were prison
bars, let me be the subject of your most
absolute tyranny; punish me if ever
i try to slip promptly from your grasp
and never ever pardon me to try and pave
way for undesired freedom; let me not
warrant any amnesty if ever guilt nudges
you to forgive for in your immediate periphery
is where i want to be caught and captured,
both my hands raised, ready for surrender

© mr gahon 5/20/15

such sound

so much in your voice i detect fallen
branches… leaves in turmoil battling
winds… the rain subsides and i commence
to hear how much more audible silence
is underneath your breath where i wish
to settle inside a quiet blanket
and sleep as though forevermore in
this warmth where you cover me with
latest songs to your kisses, envelope
me in such sound

© mr gahon 5/19/15

can you love?

i ask you a thousand questions,
a million more if they were yes
to the one that matters most…
can you love? can you love in
absolutes and no matter whats
even as i arrive late and senseless,
without direction or manners to
front before you… as coarse as i
am as these sands; can you love
beyond the insecurities that
wrap me up and tie me down in this
endless repetition of over and over
again like an animal chasing its tail?
can you love me swarwed in disbelief,
still choosing a god for my distant
faith…? can you love me as i love
you amidst your silent anomalies,
hidden discrepancies which are no
more imperfect than they are wonders
in my eyes? can you? you can, love.

© mr gahon 5/13/15


i want you, but you’ve no
clue how much trail i’ve
left behind, hints of light
and color smeared across the
sky, traces leading
to my heart’s amuse, torn
pieces of petals tossed in
a line to stir your curiosity,
wonder at how many vowels and
consonants are contained in my
name… you’ve no idea how
many oceans i want to swim
to get to you, how many
mountains dare i climb all
to loose myself in the forest
inside your eyes; i want to
be entangled within your vines,
become knotted as such that i
can never untie myself from you…
you’ve no idea

© mr gahon 5/5/15

in the first place

there is no grandeur here
but in these crevices, pockets
of life where i myself
surrendered from the promise
of together… the hope, the
will to thrive in detrimental
spaces give off such noxious
fumes— i can hardly breathe
thinking, as one hit with the
truth…. you were never there
in the first place

© mr gahon 5/1/15

conquer you

in love, i loose too much…
wish it were my weight, the
protrusion around my waist.

i loose myself too much
before this mirror, barely
recognizable sometimes…
who is that supermodel in
front of me? only wish it
were instead of this bland,
deprecated soul resembling
me. love…

love looses me somehow, i
let go of its grip and
grow tyrannical instead.
i desire to rule the world,
command everything with my
silence. because i’ve lost
too much, lost you amidst
my most decadent ambition…
to conquer you

© mr gahon 4/30/15


the attic in this heart keeps you
locked away where dust and cobwebs
camouflage this giddiness and
delight at the sight of first
spring upon your brow… then i am
certain flowers aren’t far from gardens
where you shall pluck and wrap them up
in your sturdy hands, so copious they are
in their giving, that you readily uproot
my past and fill my memory with roses

© mr gahon 4/30/15


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