there is no heaven

there is no heaven like your eyes…
to be caught in your immediate periphery,
I hope I’ve carried out a good and noble
deed consistently, repeatedly as I strive
to fit into your distinct vision
without preconceived ideas or notions…
I trust you won’t judge me
or count my flaws and have you thrust
them against me to alienate, isolate;
for I cannot have you see me in such a
way that distorts the truth of each
ray, each hue of this color that conceals
my flesh, my soul within; my spirit
shall no less cower before you whose
diverted eyes, thus, caste to hell the
unseen, unnoticed, unsightly… me

© mr gahon 2/6/15


will you wait ’til dawn
when no one else will? because
i think I shall be alone,
alone in the long run;

will you have this drink
with me? this red or this
white? i’m afraid it’s all
i have, in this space of time,
it’ll keep us warm;

will you lay with me,
lay with me after?
i’m tired but still sober
but it won’t be long ’til
you and i will be over

© mr gahon 2/4/15

above all else

above all else, how
splendid your eyes when
they fall upon mine, as
though sun itself will
easily repair my vision,
transform all doubts into
faith and unshakable reason;
we are no more a mistake
than we are meant (for each
other), this blessed state
thrives on their derision;
even as the world pulls us
asunder, believe the universe
will unwrap us, unfold us
wholly in its palm

© mr gahon 2/2/15

somewhere there is…

somewhere there is reserved
some space to contain the
fire spread amongst the ruins:
the columns and grand pedestals
once this heart with all its
might have stacked, mitered
and bolstered up towards
ceilings so high— we
merely crumbled as Babel did,
severed our language, muted
us from one another; and even
as i utter the same phrases
over and over
i hope you understand,
i’m trying to return to you

© mr gahon 1/29/15

as the sun

as torrid as the sun upon
which all my senses ardently
awakens to you; each fragrance
as though a petal from a stem I
cannot hold and, persistently,
even as thorns do pierce through
what vulnerability rests upon my
hand, with what blood drips,
escapes from the rage boiling in
me, i want this brilliant color
to stain my memory forever as
i remember you now inside this
embrace, covered in satin rain

© mr gahon 1/26/15

rain come down

rain come down on me
and disguise these tired
tears yearning; when hope
is hanging thin upon this
rope and I’ve none to wash
the dust collected over
hands in long to hold
another… how these tears
trigger this lonesome jest
lingered before my chest
that my heart heaves,
impatiently pours forth its
agony and worried doubt that
I can’t help ask for rain
to come down and cover me,
absolve me my tears

-mr gahon 1/26/15


tonight leaves and I am none
who nearly grazed an inch of sun,
even when nights shield me
from stolen glances, these
lapses in memory are all
I have to feast on, remember,
since the pressure have
ousted you from my mind.
I still smell fragrant thoughts,
words wanted to be said like
chocolate and wine I want
to toast, even in this brief,
clear light, I want to do them
all with you

-mr gahon 1/23/15


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