i love you beyond galaxy
and stars; no matter where
you are, i’ll draw night’s
curtain and pull you into
my arms, near the geography
of my heart, closer still
if only to bask in the wealth
of sun from your smile


when love isn’t enough, how
else can i measure?… by the
cup or a handful, by eye or
tape, with the circumference
of my embrace around your waist?
how do you propose i count it
all… three by the neck, two
on each cheek, one upon your
forehead which anoints my lips;
it is as though i am blessed
over and over for each kiss is
sweetest decimal to life. it
doesn’t matter then how much more
to add, multiply or divide— love
knows no parenthesis, neither fractions
nor numbers


deserve i the love you impress
upon my heart? when i have shied
away, scurried further and hid
myself where you yourself cannot
find? how many times have you
knocked without answer?
discourteously maimed i am and
still you love without pause,
embrace as though i am gold in
your arms even if the jewels i
bear are the burdensome kind.
how can you stand and shelter
me from rain when i’ve broken
this umbrella between you and
i? when i have undressed you
of pride, smeared you with
utmost humility, how is it
that you vest yourself in
fool’s clothing and look
directly at me as though i
am everything? what do you
want me to see? is this
what unconditional means?

© mr gahon 6/14/15


when night seems to bear its
teeth and gnaw at the moon
above, in the dark i reach
for your hand to guide me
out of this sordid state
and plow through abandoned
chaos, twig-like confusion
strewn haphazardly before
our only path towards hope—
we meet inside a tunnel where
we gather ourselves like branches
and together we are consumed inside
this chimney, ignite our own light

© mr gahon 6/11/15

run into you

you are not what i think and yet
how each moss, each blade, each
sliver of grass draw me into the
earth i know is not you, but your
body’s landscape distracts me from
my cautious approach and you urge
me to dismiss this conservatism,
make me anxious to liberally fill
empty spaces with kisses, plant
them where otherwise i may sow
roots… dig deeper, you said; for
beneath the unforeseen attraction
are the intricacies of my own soul,
veins running underneath the soil,
uncoiled, tameless, hopelessly
desiring to run into you

© mr gahon 6/10/15


the helicopter rises and with their
frantic blades spin light breeze
into a whirlwind until every leaf
is turned and secret veins are
uncovered where upon you stray
from this blood driven path when
since i lost (you), the pulse
stopped— forever i am maimed
and frightening becomes nothing
more than strange inadequacies
leading me into tomorrow with neither
bickering birds nor the anxious
flutter of trees to look forward to

© mr gahon 6/8/15


what is it that gathers
me to you— as birds drawn
to the sky, as sand towards
the bottom of the ocean floor…
there is an inexplicable light
which brings me close, drives
me crazy like a fly loosed
from the dark; every time you
are near, i want to step closer,
walk alongside with your hand in
mine as though paradise is here

© mr gahon 6/2/15


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