what we must create is
a tunnel for our vision
this love lost hope
in endless derision;
i shall forge the blueprints
from last night’s dream
and dig deeper still,
believe as we may seem,
come together, solidify
like water into ice
you and i, however long
we can uphold such lies—
a clearing must be made…
from unworthy letters
written for measure,
all must be surrendered
if ever we are to begin
(again) recover from fire,
submit to embers so that we
may be rekindled by desire

© mr gahon 3/16/15


when you come to a stop,
i shall surrender.
never mind lifetimes,
we’ve just these seconds
to prove we are braver
than the silence we pretend;
in our deeper ignorance, the
steady intolerance disturbs
our very being down to the
marrow— how twisted we are,
deranged and intertwined. only,
we are so tangled up in one
another… i loose myself in
these knots we’ve tied ourselves
into that either one of us will
be lost if we had to unwind

© mr gahon 4/13/15


in time, the hands will gravitate
towards the direction of this
circumference, our life, the years
we have endured past the hurricanes,
past the blameless rains of doubt;
no one else but us knew how to
decipher the words trying to push
each other outside the margins,
the lines we often fall from;
no other direction can straighten
the crooked path we’ve followed…
loveless, we die off from one another

© mr gahon 4/11/15

in wait

where to find you in this scenery
of life behind the tall high-rises
and blue skies—
i can almost reach you
i can almost touch your
hand and figure my way
into the lines upon your
palm where my fate and
yours meet, in time,
as i straighten this arrow,
aim for your heart;
and the winds seem to bend
and gather all its direction
to deliver me to you,
underneath the horizon where
my heart delights to find
you beside the stars in wait

© mr gahon 4/10/15

out of reach

who are you in dreams
dressed in white and speaks
through whispers in winds?

who are you to whom i
am bound by nervous
curiosity, eager to
unravel this braided
mystery surrounding
your name, the quiet
pulling me into your
solitude; how carefree
and unburdening the
sound in your eyes as
i listen for their glances
behind this veil of rain…

i envy how close each drop
of water touches your face;
a nearness, seemingly,
out of (my) reach

© mr gahon 4/7/15

brave the days

brave the days when I’ll see
blue skies and sunshine, grass
spread just before the tar paved
roads; I’ll drive endless into
tomorrow for a glimpse of you
along the highway, under the green
sign, ten miles ’til Rivertown; but
I’ll never reach it, I won’t, because
I resign myself to you, confined in
this space where the only thought
that consumes me is you.

© mr gahon 4/4/15


(I don’t even know your name)

roses are far more common
than daffodils, and trees like
redwood, oak stand the
test of time; but I see them
less and less within my
periphery as you usurp
my vision from green quiet
eyes, and with one look
you rid me of grays and
prejudices, judgements I
reserved for parts of this
world— you banish my anger,
my self-control and open
these gates from where this
lonely heart has stayed
behind its boundaries.

I break all rules and trespass
into private prairies where to
pluck this solitary thought—
me and you at dawn amongst
these sunflowers, together

© mr gahon 4/3/15


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