what will the masters say after
they examine the remains from
our struggle, the tugged veins
drained of blood; life escapes
without the endeavor of a trial.
can we last past ten anniversaries
without a scratch? or will we maim
one another until the wounds push
us to our limits and crash as if
walls cannot stop us from hurting
each other. lies we swept under
our silences, we pursue deliberate
indifference instead of bridging
the gap…. lost seems long ago,
but we keep treading the same worn
path, always apart, never arriving


look at me

poetical sounds

if all to forget how unattainable
the sun, i almost surrendered
until the light from your eyes
awakened me as any enlightenment
could stir me in my journey,
treading the frozen path of
loneliness before falling into
this heat, this burn you sear
me with your eyes— i am not
the enemy though i may pose
like one, perhaps a threat to your
heart; i will not suffocate you,
though, at times, i can barely
breath having you stand so close,
unmoved and untouched, as we
exchange the same air and empty
the same carbons into the atmosphere,
where i release my hope you’ll turn
around and look at me

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no acknowledgement
derived you i
amidst this
where fate
would have
us cross paths
under a brightly
lit corridor where
i was certain
your eyes saw
mine (and i
greeted you utmostly,
cordially)… but as though
my voice fell short
of your gaze and
i met with foolish
silence instead…
as we walked away,
unknowingly, sliding
doors closed fast
between us


i see you through the flicker of light
and it haunts me as your eyes gaze
towards the sky, floating above me,
higher than myself can smoke the
derivatives of your ashes from the
tray beside; when i seek to explore this
territory in and around your heart…
you depart, senseless and indifferent,
leaving me cold without wings to fly
even to reach halfway inside of you,
inside of myself where i seek to liberate,
free myself from the hinges that bind me
to you… i wish it were so easy to unloose
you, but i find in my own dying, i can’t…
i cannot unfold my hands so easily from yours

my eternal high

your eyes have a silence that draws
me in, a force of the Inca’s that
pushes me out from consciousness,
into a chasm unknown to myself, where
i wish to wail, but i don’t because
i’ve refrained from sound all along, and
the voice of your silence, that which
you speak not of, is the single inhale
i need to propel me to my eternal high

even in doubts

even in doubts
are kisses sought
to unveil and magnify
this truth between you
and i is more than my
mind’s selfish affair,
but to prove to you
true affinity for you

i’ll never thirst

such sustenance there is in your voice,
i didn’t eat for days; the vibration,
the timbre which memory stores made me
thirst less, search less for an oasis
in this desert town where love is a
mirage, appearing tirelessly, rarely
drank or tasted by any wanderer… until
i heard your voice…. (so certain am
i about the morsel of subtleties in which
you greet)— i’ll never thirst again