when our eyes met

when our eyes met, i thought
earth itself would cease upon
its axis, as this heart desire
surrender from the threat of
vulnerability and permit these
stolen chances to pierce barriers,
fences before we dare not trespass…
we became captive to our own distant
glances; how many times have I watched
you from behind prison windows wrapped
up in chimerical freedom, convinced
it mirrored mine? (or so I believed
the earth would stop?) but neither
heartbeat nor planet feign to hesitate

-mr gahon 7/31/15

i sometimes forget

in love, i sometimes forget
the question of you, so content
am i with me that upon my left
is a heaven and a peace restored,
an open chest where I don’t dare
look and I’ve searched everywhere
for gold except your eyes, the
palm i reach out for without so
much as remembering what love is
when we pocketed diamonds with
impoverished hearts desperate
and hungry as it were for warm
conversations, prolonged embraces

-mr gahon 7/30/15

salt and roses

slowly, i rise from above
the sea and inhale for the
first time salt and roses
about your neck where your
garden’s vast labyrinth
confuses me and i don’t
know how else to feel about
your eyes meeting mine for the
first time; though i have
clambered out of steep mazes
before, one such conundrum
lies deep inside your glance
which enigmatically plunges me
into a view of sun, heat that
rises and confounds this
blistering love beneath my skin

© mr gahon 6/22/15

wasted time

wasted time…time stolen from
our past; regardless, we are
unapologetic opportunists,
descendants of thieves with
nothing more than a con up
our sleeve; the hollowed out
tunnels await escape from our
most elaborate heist– love,
once so consumed us, seized us
by the lapels to pilfer kisses,
procure what touch lingered
after embraces… this refuge
where we sought amnesty from
countless temptations, though
feeble lapses lead us into our
inevitable demise, and the
unexpected surrender left us
with hands tied and hearts
bound— never trusting,

© mr gahon 7/14/15


no sadness i know as
bittersweet embedded
deep in the fibers of
this fruit, its juicy
flesh laced with
vagrant memories as
penniless as children
with hands outreached,
begging for change to
spare what hunger boils
behind frail rib cages,
ready to collapse amidst
desperate self composition,
in their soiled existence
often overlooked by wealth
nonchalantly tossed aside,
permanently veiled under
the blind and unenlightened…
no melancholy still i taste
as bitter in each spoonful of
disparity shoved to appease
my own hunger, calm this guilt
laden conscience of mine


if it were to you this promise
made and i in my vows swore
truth shall never fail, why
then do we take shelter from
the shame, the disillusionment
in forever as we begin to
disintegrate, unravel from the
knot of discord and swing from
a once sturdy rope only to hang
ourselves with blame? after all
these years, shall we be alright
in the aftermath of sins?

© mr gahon 6/30/15


i love you beyond galaxy
and stars; no matter where
you are, i’ll draw night’s
curtain and pull you into
my arms, near the geography
of my heart, closer still
if only to bask in the wealth
of sun from your smile


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