to eternal

your love, impeccable,
as beautiful as your eyes
cast by moonlight
a magical spell
when your vision
crosses mine.
i love you all the
days of my life,
in rest and wake
even as you wander
through the endless maze
of time…. i don’t
know when we first met,
but you return in your
innocence full of love,
infinite loyalty;
as your soul’s mate,
you kept your promise—
now, you to eternal i love

© mr gahon 3/25/15

never let me go

in this vacuous space,
a chasm appears where
i fall into, never to be caught
no matter how much i want
just one hand to snatch me
by the wrist— never let me go

© mr gahon 3/23/15

you without

if I may, no cure arrives in
time to contain this wretched
distance… faraway somewhere
you’ve gone and I cannot
bare the emptiness, the sudden
quiet and airiness this room
feels in your absence— a home
that is not my home and
this table and chair here
made in China suddenly seems
too foreign, clean and sanitized,
a feeling similar to anesthetized;
might I stroll in this space—
I cannot you without

© mr gahon 3/22/15

forecast of rain

this forlorn handkerchief destined
to wave even amidst the forecast
of rain, to see you through
again and again outside this
vision— a tumultuous storm
rises above our heads and
both of us tremble, unprepared
for our hands to meet; if ever
the weather subsides, I shall
swim through flooded streets,
against a stream of displaced
reptiles for even as I am
nibbled, torn and bitten,
the heart of me shall rise
above it all for a chance to
feel clarity, behold subsequent
beauty of sun against your face

© mr gahon 3/21/15

energy occurring

a refined hesitation—
you keep your heart from
beating the energy occurring,
excited and nervous yet
you keep it inside silence;
suspicious because i want
in on the definition( even if
I’ve no control); reluctant,
I do not understand this
refrain because I’m mad
as a saint, I am… I’m
a mad saint with a halo
ring on my finger as I wait
for all noise to topple
down and there find your
silence take me over

© mr gahon 3/20/15


i don’t know how to wave
nor pause for effect,
this silence is all
i can utter (i cannot
define it yet)…
not much more i’ve to say—
thoughts mutate, i can’t
help that; i’ve been
watching so long,
forgiving twice longer,
every act, every word
wish it were the way it
was, but i can’t say
under the circumstance (you
see), I’m finally tired
and I don’t know
if you’ll ever change
because i can’t stay
here with you…(i don’t
want to and this silence
i’m uttering can only mean—

– mr gahon 3/20/15

…the right

while I may not be able to
sustain what lives beside
this heart, I try to revive
what passion remains in this
old flesh, the aged blood
congealed and trying to escape
the stillness blessed upon
this lifetime; and all I
can say is that I love you
no matter how much the rain
repels my confessions as
though I sin of light and
nothing else I need say (even
if I don’t have the right)

-mr gahon 3/17/15


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