when i can no longer think
time will mend this distance
between us, i subtly think
hope shall weld us back to
union, restore us to oneness
waiting where worthy bonds refuse
to uncoil from the root of destiny;
rarely worrying now for love to
accost our blindness stop and
open our deepest vision to see
beyond the cosmetic and the
flesh where gently we unfold
our secrets and release as
though we are the answers to
questions long held within

-mr gahon 8/26/15

into this well

you lure me into this well
where no thirst left me
quenched in the formal days
of rain where it collected,
weighed and burdened me as
though an over-soaked sponge,
saturated, heavy in lies
and disguises. you mourned
my death by morning drunk
and splattered on the floor
with bones deconstructed and
a heart more fragile than I
am lost… I hang it deliberately
upon the clothesline to dry,
wait before it breaks

-mr gahon 8/20/15

remember you

above all, you’ve loved me beyond
uncertainties… stuck in my old
habits of self deprecation and
doubts, slightly, i tremble each
time you stare me back to life—
a noteworthy vision (you made me
feel) regardless how you write and
revise me on your mind’s pages,
always you leave a blank space
to free me up from interpretation;
you read me over line by line until
conclusion i remain with you and
to the end i cannot close this
book without leaving behind a mark
of gratitude to remember you by

© mr gahon 8/11/15


there’s a battle i hear in the
sound of your voice, the worried
hesitation, the wonder if and
could you even begin to tell me
whether this is right for either
one of us; lackluster words, dull
and unpolished as these spoons
mean to carry the weight of
this inevitable departure from
me to you and you and me that
can no longer be helped after
so many years sleeping beside
you, was it because i snored
too much, hogged most of the
blanket or is it these words
we rarely said that we became
extinct from each other that
the only remains left are
these fossils from our union

-mr gahon 8/4/15

when our eyes met

when our eyes met, i thought
earth itself would cease upon
its axis, as this heart desire
surrender from the threat of
vulnerability and permit these
stolen chances to pierce barriers,
fences before we dare not trespass…
we became captive to our own distant
glances; how many times have I watched
you from behind prison windows wrapped
up in chimerical freedom, convinced
it mirrored mine? (or so I believed
the earth would stop?) but neither
heartbeat nor planet feign to hesitate

-mr gahon 7/31/15

i sometimes forget

in love, i sometimes forget
the question of you, so content
am i with me that upon my left
is a heaven and a peace restored,
an open chest where I don’t dare
look and I’ve searched everywhere
for gold except your eyes, the
palm i reach out for without so
much as remembering what love is
when we pocketed diamonds with
impoverished hearts desperate
and hungry as it were for warm
conversations, prolonged embraces

-mr gahon 7/30/15

salt and roses

slowly, i rise from above
the sea and inhale for the
first time salt and roses
about your neck where your
garden’s vast labyrinth
confuses me and i don’t
know how else to feel about
your eyes meeting mine for the
first time; though i have
clambered out of steep mazes
before, one such conundrum
lies deep inside your glance
which enigmatically plunges me
into a view of sun, heat that
rises and confounds this
blistering love beneath my skin

© mr gahon 6/22/15


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