i want you, but you’ve no
clue how much trail i’ve
left behind, hints of light
and color smeared across the
sky, traces leading
to my heart’s amuse, torn
pieces of petals tossed in
a line to stir your curiosity,
wonder at how many vowels and
consonants are contained in my
name… you’ve no idea how
many oceans i want to swim
to get to you, how many
mountains dare i climb all
to loose myself in the forest
inside your eyes; i want to
be entangled within your vines,
become knotted as such that i
can never untie myself from you…
you’ve no idea

© mr gahon 5/5/15


About mr gahon

poet... writer... culinarian... i like to work with food that appeals to the senses, write words that taste even better View all posts by mr gahon

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