Tomorrow Will Rain

Tomorrow will rain and I’m looking forward to it because I just love the rain. Especially when I don’t have to be in three hour traffic just to get to a usual hour’s destination. Though I love the rain, I know tomorrow I will enjoy it more.

But here’s the thing about rain… it’s cleansing. When I think of water or of rain, it’s never about the weather anymore, but the intimacy one might feel being enclosed in a space with someone also taking refuge from the pouring water, the scattered droplets that are here and there and everywhere baptizing; the solitude one may feel under an umbrella(or without); walking down the sidewalk full of startled worms and snails, either in a panic or celebrating, because of the rain. It’s a renewal regardless. Even down to its earthy scent, there is something humbling and refreshing about rain that sends me a kind note of assurance… that everything will be alright. A rain that wishes me love, pushes me closer next to my lover… well that’s the kind of rain that I welcome (even if I don’t have the latter). We could all wish… we could all hope for that particular type of rain.

never the same
under the sunlight, the shadow
dissolves into the pavement
where once I stood next to you
and hovered over delicate roses,
next to lavender bushes, dry
as sage– we welcomed
rain, and so we waited,
neither one of us looking
at one another, afraid to
see the forecast may end at
this moment… this closeness
we have labored since
birth; as we are reincarnated
again and again to welcome
this rain. shall we deny these
glances, abolish expectations
and insist on nothing when
we are hoping, shamelessly,
hoping for love in this rain?

-mr gahon 3/16/14


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poet... writer... culinarian... i like to work with food that appeals to the senses, write words that taste even better View all posts by mr gahon

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