I never know where the words will take me… and then it takes me for a ride. Takes me down what I think love might be, its possibility; what I wish it could be. Because love is really a multi-faceted idea that can take you into many directions. Write love on a piece of paper and there lies the root of a rose from the very page. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy writing love’s many aspects because of possibility. Love unfolds when we open our hearts. When this is our clearest and purest intention, the world simply moves and affirms it. Especially when you try your best to eject any remnant trails of judgement or prejudice from it, the universe can’t help but smile and reciprocate kindness, which in a case like today, came back to me as a bouquet of white roses.

(waiting for you)
I await rain
outside the shadows of night
where you might turn
a corner and see me
for the first time
unclouded by silhouette
of darkness;
so tenuous and fragile
as these leaves, these lanky
branches ready to fall
waiting for that moment
when you might
like these branches fall
in love
or so we make it to be
defying boundaries
superseding gendre
with swollen spirits
unite in light
against this timid,
conquerable darkness–
you and I
a delight to winds
filigreed minds(I don’t
know where you start
and I begin)
Pioneers of love
you and I
we set forth and
conceive our own gallery
of truth
in your womb or
mine (from this seed)
nothing matters more
than this child between
you and I
— the makeup of you,
me, so long as I can
see your eyes
inside of he
then I know that heaven
must be near
all barriers disappear
for we have transcended expectations
believed solely in the Plan
for you and me

-mr gahon 10/28/13


About mr gahon

poet... writer... culinarian... i like to work with food that appeals to the senses, write words that taste even better View all posts by mr gahon

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