Love Surrender

Love is about letting go sometimes. Realizing what isn’t working, what won’t work. And having endeavored to fix it, having given it a try, for the sake of each party’s survival, a separation must happen; they must depart from one another for some time. It won’t be eternal for we all come around at some point to discover that our worlds collided because we needed to be enlightened, be brought to speed regarding the lessons that we need to learn. We may feel defeated in that surrender, but really we have elevated. We have gained insight, a piece of the truth about ourselves. Whether we walk away with strength or some form of new knowledge, we, nevertheless, walk away a more spiritually and, perhaps emotionally, wholesome individual.

someday, I’ll look into your
eyes and read the novel
that I never was… what
few sentences I left behind
trail like decimals because
I didn’t want to end it
how a period does, but
perhaps a conjunction or
semi-colons would make us
want to reconsider paragraphs
of our past that we could
connect to: revisit, perhaps (it
wasn’t because I wanted to
surrender, give up so easily
because I can take the gravity–
I can bear the weight of it all);
but frailty becomes you, so
tenuous you’ve become that
not even my own strength could
pull us together, I know,
it will overpower
tear us asunder

-mr gahon 9/17/13


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