There is passion and then there is heat. It’s been a heck of a summer, one that keeps punishing us with its livid temperature by the day. Just as I thought that some cold or breeze would be approaching not too far behind August, this heat just looms with each forecast, at each waking moment that I can only thank God that there are hotter places than where I live. Perhaps, I’ve been pampered by the temperate weather and the waters from the oceans whose waves just seem to rescue us with each fall and crash. And now I can only depend on this dribble of ice water that cools me down accidentally as I write in between these sentences, these random thoughts that don’t seem to reflect love at all. But I do hope that it gets there…

So let’s see… there was heat… and then there was passion. In which case, I don’t claim to know much of anything really… only to keep the fire going and keep on searching.

Beginning you, I can’t seem to finish
Life in you a church where I
want to worship, close my eyes
and meditate for–
reach contemplation for
see God and all the secrets
to your soul.
Love this nest assembling
twig by twig
a concept birthing
in my head where once
you might come fly, swoop
in and dive to save me
from the monotony
where I drown in this
fetid no-thought realm…I
I think about you

-mr gahon 6/14/11


About mr gahon

poet... writer... culinarian... i like to work with food that appeals to the senses, write words that taste even better View all posts by mr gahon

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