Captain et Master

The master of my fate, the captain of my soul… from the words of the ever respected poet, Walt Whitman. It pops into my head just as I am thinking of what to write here, what to write now. When I think of love, are we not the owners of such emotions, what we feel and who we feel it towards. I forbid anyone to rob me of these feelings for they are the source of my thoughts, inspiration for the poems that I write. Once in a while we encounter those who cannot understand or won’t understand– those with hidden agendas who unknowingly promote selfishness or anti-love. I’ve learned to let go of them because it doesn’t do my love any good to harbor such toxicity. My love may be naive…innocent… what have you, but it is my love nonetheless. The world hungers for love and starvation is at a high, and even as I am slighted here and there, I won’t contribute to or perpetuate behavior that will take away love from my brothers and sisters. We are all capable of love. And my love… I am its captain, I am its master.

beauty has its innocence
like butterflies that mimic
purity and undulation;
winds that take you to
the act of love
in this smile which
greets in me wellness,
happiness unforeseen–
to love, such is the ambition
of the masters who commit
nothing but to decipher
knowledge and truth;
in these powerful channels
of our thoughts, I hope
never to have harbored or
invented some unpleasant
sentence which states
otherwise about the kindness
of your beloved being
for we are born mothers
secreting nourishment in
this milk, drop after drop
I hope you taste of
my love

-mr gahon 8/6/13


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poet... writer... culinarian... i like to work with food that appeals to the senses, write words that taste even better View all posts by mr gahon

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