Love and Loss

And then there is that one moment when we are tested… to give all the love we can possibly give before the moment expires. Are we truly prepared to give such a love. I think about it now. When a visitor comes and passes at the same time, how do we make them feel that love knowing that they will be gone within the same minute that they arrived. It is the practice of love, comfort, handling pain, prioritizing light knowing that we can succumb to darkness especially when our own strength is challenged. I know that’s a mouthful, but it is our experiences, our own humbling and knowledge that may prepare us for a moment. And in doing so, we might realize that we have been gifted with the experience… to learn in that moment what it is to love and lose at the same time.

i miss you when
i don’t see you,
Beautiful child–
life was too much
for you to pass
and grace us with your
brilliance… a light
like a comet; and
yet all roses and
sun rushed to greet
you, usher you even
if you are not
ours (you are God’s
to begin with). we have
to learn love
like yours only through
memory: blue as the
skin worn this day
your homecoming;
solemnly as blue
as the heartbreak,
the tears

-mr gahon 5/11/13


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