Hot summer evenings, all I can think of is the cold. How much more can I crank up the air, how much cooler can I make this room in my head, my heart from overheating sometimes. And it might be as easy as our imagination allows us to be; for what are we if we can’t create this cool in our heads, invent such an atmosphere.

where love lies,
under this umbrella of light
I take shelter from the pouring
rain; the frigid night, frozen
hearts make it impossible to melt,
warm myself up to you.

we are the reason for dreams:
spectacular, unattainable, a
righteous place as heaven
underneath our feet…
yet we have forgotten,
walking past these walls
we are brought down so
ungodly-like that what
feeling of heaven there
is upon your lips,
slips into a tundra,
oblivious ice and ice
and more ice

-mr gahon 7/23/14


Anything is possible when we love. When we refrain from what angers us no matter how much we want to lash out, we have the choice to rise above such feelings and live like royalty. For the possibilities of love is endless, just as the infinite combination of words to make a poem, all the million letters to unscrabble this scrupulous love we have built with one another; we strive for a common understanding, one patient compassion for one another, perhaps. What love there is, the opportunities present themselves daily, it’s up to us to snatch it, seize the chance to express it and unleash it from our hearts.

if it means to love,
then I give wholeheartedly,
my life in tattoos (though
you have judged me too quickly
before that I refrain…
in disdain, try to
find me in the shadows because
the exclamation of this life
lies not in these marks hidden
behind your eyelashes…though
I’ve searched thoroughly
between this life and last,
combed through hell and back
to find one speck, retrieve one
life that isn’t mine (even as I
want you all selfishly in my hands,
lined up against my palms as I kneel,
pray for truth to rise in you).
between you and I, a realm of one;
as the boats of this world tug at
one another, we fit like oceans
from tributaries, branches from
the same tree… and like water,
we share the same course of
passage when we baptize
our love with devotion…
we are royalty when it rains,
wear our thorny crowns and
rule out the pain–
only then can we reign

-mr gahon 7/15/14


So I imagine what sun must be like… in this summer heat. Talk of hot and sweltering and all that provokes turning on the cooler, purchasing an iced coffee for relief. These words, I hope is enough to shelter love from melting completely; save one word to keep it propped up against these scorching, merciless temperatures.

what sun there is, I
cannot match its warmth,
the blanket surrounding
this heart– the heat,
the hearth of it all where
I illuminate; surely it
isn’t enough to be caught
in this fire, where conflict
extracted from chaos–
for certainty rises
from ambiguous smoke
signals that tells, spells
what love there is endured
after these embers; where I am
consumed by memory, the
flicker in your eyes that
ignites this night

-mr gahon 7/8/14

Imagine Love

Because I don’t know what it really, really looks like, I have to imagine, give it some thought and put some words into it. If it looks close to how I imagined it… then all the better. Love… I hope it does have some semblance.

the speed, the eternal
I enter into space
kindness bred
everlasting; I stand
behind the shadow no
more… in your smile
I pursue a life
where my spirit can
breathe and I may roam
once more as bisons
from the great caves–
as primitive as these
arrows may strike me
blind, Cupid has his
ways and so shall I
find you through this
pierced journey I amble,
trip and meander through
if it means to fall…
and I fall for you

-mr gahon 7/1/14

Mirror, Mirror

This mirror reflects, what seems to ail me? Irritation. Annoyance. Anger. Pain. That the former results from the latter and I can’t do anymore but push through and move on. For all these feelings are universal, for who said love wasn’t accompanied by all these adjectives in the first place? That love sometimes equates pain, struggle, irritation, annoyance. Sometimes there is turbulence, anger and a need to compete and belittle the other. Let’s hope that this isn’t the love that we are pursuing, but rather one that reaches peace and understanding; that kind of that is full of kindness and patience; the kind of love that is, without a doubt, permanent and unconditional. Moreover, love equates God. If nothing else, we should wish for that kind of love to permeate, bathe and marinate us. Even if it is just a fraction, a second, just a minute to expel that negative charge in order to free us from the pain inside.

what pearls are…
irritated; in dust
occurs the secrecy,
clandestine agendas
purposeless without
thought of humanity;
green as envy and
raw around the rim.
what love is this
that serves only one
and not a country
nor the impoverished
nor a one in need;
what do mirrors reflect
when we can’t see past
the selfishly absurd?
inside, the depths of
our potential is filling
up holes with darkness;
one by one, how am I
to expel, how am I to
recover from this
wicked spell? Oh mirror
on the wall, show me
the light rooted inside
so that I may not ail
(any longer) and so
that love, in essence,
can prevail

-mr gahon 6/24/14

A Kindness Kind of Love

For all we know, love lingers not far from a corner, every avenue, seen and unseen; everywhere where we aren’t looking, there love is. I’m not so much inspired lately and yet I know simply to push through, defy the negativity that may stump love. For all love begins with kindness. A kindness kind of love, one might say; one can only hope for these days.

demonstrate this kindness, strut
this love because we are dancers
of the world; painters, artists,
photographers… snap a photo
of this compassion, this peaceful
handshake, this warm embrace who
takes me for love: love of the ages,
interrupted and perpetuated, frosted
and sometimes perpetrated; ask me to
love and I’ll show you untainted
rivers, abundant flowers– this heart’s
eager content to show how much of
a barrel inside of me holds
a love of the ages, a love generated,
invigorated by the sight of you!

mr gahon 6/17/14


There are elements about love that I clearly do not understand, and yet I find myself drawn, attracted to the idea that it isn’t what we initially think, but rather the patience, endurance, the unrevealing characteristics that we learn to fall for. That vulnerable side, once exposed, sometimes turns out to be the most beautiful sight ever seen.

the elements of love,
there written across papers
ornamental, linear and
horizontal; scribbles,
doodles, calligraphy, but it
doesn’t matter as much
as kisses on foreheads,
laughter not far
from a voice… your voice
that can crack ice and
still leave me wanting to
hear more, make you speak
more; as though every failed
attempt to harmonize is the
sweetest lullaby I’ll ever hear

-mr gahon 6/10/14


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